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The picturesque canals, a maze of medieval streets and of course the Dom tower that proudly stands out above the city - that is Utrecht. Smaller and less touristy than Amsterdam, but certainly just as vibrant. A unique city with many special spots to visit. In our trending list we have selected the best places to eat and drink in Utrecht, from the best restaurants to hidden cocktail bars.

Dom Tower


Symbol of the city of Utrecht. 465 steps and more than 112 meters high. The highest church tower in the Netherlands with a breathtaking view of the entire city and the region. But also a romantic wedding location and the most inspiring meeting place. That is The Dom Tower!



The Shop and lunchroom of Daen’s Utrecht lies directly next to each other, and are separated by a wall with large shop windows. As a result, you are naturally tempted in the shop to come and have lunch at the neighbors, and during your cup of coffee (or mimosa) in the lunchroom you think quickly: "oh, look at that beautiful coat that hangs there". Don't forget to taste the divine caramel shortbread with chocolate!

From idea and inspiration to specific dishes on the menu. Dishes that suit the Anne&Max. Tasty, healthy, preferably organic, fresh, tailored to the season and according to the latest trend.

Dom Under


DOMunder is the prize-winning historical attraction under the Dom square in Utrecht for young and old. From the Romans, the glorious Middle Ages to the reliving of the storm of 1674, DOMunder takes you through the eventful history of 2000 years of the Dom square, Utrecht, the Netherlands and Europe.

We have taste!

Pareltjes in Utrecht



A brand new restaurant that - in its own words - serves chic, ordinary, French cuisine. Restaurant Noir takes you to the dark, cozy and atmospheric streets in Paris where attention is paid to food, drinks and guests.

EL QATARIJNE! As soon as you enter, you will experience Mediterranean hospitality and our joy that we may receive you as a guest. You can feel the influence of warm tones such as tree bark and walnut. The warmth that we ultimately want to offer with our cookery, hospitality and service with the inspiration from the East presented in the West.

Restaurant Vis & Meer has been located in Drieharingstraat number 4 since 2010. The nicest street in Utrecht between Vredenburg and Oudegracht. You don't expect it from the outside, but it's a special location. A mattress shop was once established here. The owners, John Elzinga and Peter Bijl de Vroe have it converted into a restaurant with an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are in old Marseille.



Teds has also settled in Utrecht. The great thing about Teds Place is that you can have breakfast / lunch there all day. Very nice if you are a true sleeper. For example, at Teds you can eat banana pancakes with Nutella, French toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup or for the savory lover: a meatball sandwich or Philly cheesesteak.

At Orloff on the dockside you'll go for a good plate of food and the cozy atmosphere of a eatery. You can go here for a classic croissant or a whole breakfast plate. You can also join here for good sandwiches, hot dishes or just a cup of coffee with a piece of cake. With nice weather at a table by the water!



Wijncafé Lefebvre You should be careful at the wine bar Lefebvre. As in: you can order 99 wines by the glass, one even tastier than the other. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The food is pico bello okay. Also nice: the wine cellar of Lefebvre, where you can organize wine tastings and small-scale drinks.

VinVin is the first wine bar in Utrecht and is located in a most charming corner building a stone's throw from De Neude - read: more central than central, but just outside the crowds. In 2016, owner Julian was named the most passionate wine owner in the Netherlands. A year later, VinVin became the best wine bar in the Netherlands. And rightly so, just drop by.

Talud9, where they also serve fantastic coffee. So fantastic that Talud 9 is the number two best coffeecorner in the Netherlands. They understand it, in short. The wines also have a must; choice of fifty wines by the glass. I appreciate the atmosphere as romantic. Justly. It is cozy, and Talud 9 is on the water, and so: you will have a nice view over the canal.

Bron: supschooldomstad

Shopping mall


Hoog Catherijne



For a day shopping you have to come to Utrecht. From central station you'll step directly into the largest shopping mall in Utrecht. Open 7 days a week and has more than 90 shops to visit.

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Hotspots Utrecht by Your Little Black Book

In addition to our beautiful Loft 188 apartment hotel on de Oudegracht, Utrecht has a lot to offer!

Anne from YLBBhas filmed some nice locations from our Utrecht, if you want a day trip to other cities in the area, then also check :

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