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In this Privacy Statement you can read why we need personal data from you. You can read what we do with that personal data and what rights you have.

We are LOFT 188 Luxury Apartment Hotel. Hereafter collectively referred to as LOFT 188. Our address is: Oudegracht 188 at the wharf, 3511 AL Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our phone number is +31(0) 6 30050949

If you have any questions about your privacy or about this statement, you can contact our privacy officer by sending an email to


We offer free public internet at our location. To use the public internet you must agree to the terms and conditions. Your data will be registered. You can read more about using the internet below:

  • You use the public internet of LOFT 188 (Wifi)

  • LOFT 188 offers free internet at its location. This is a publicly accessible internet. This internet is provided by Ziggo.

  • Note: this is an unsecured network.

  • LOFT 188 does not collect data about your internet use. If you act contrary to the conditions of LOFT 188, LOFT 188 may decide to take further measures. LOFT 188 will decide this on the basis of your actions on the internet registered by Ziggo. If Ziggo decides to take measures, LOFT 188 will cooperate in any further investigations. And, if necessary, cooperate with police investigations.

Data breach

A data breach is a breach of security that leads to misuse or loss of personal data. Despite all our measures, such an incident can never be ruled out. If a data breach poses a major risk to the data subject – and you are the data subject – then we must inform you about this data breach.

The what and why of the personal data
Below you can find all information about:

  • why we need personal data,

  • what basis we have for requesting the data

  • how long we keep your data

  • how we secure your data

  • to whom we transfer data (if applicable) and why


In all cases, the Police and Justice can ask us to pass on personal data in the context of investigations or public order matters.


Your personal data with us and your rights
You also have rights with regard to your personal data, including:

  • right to inspect your data

  • right to rectification of incorrect data

  • right to delete data (for which LOFT 188 no longer has a reason for storage)

If you want to make use of these or other rights, you can contact us. Preferably via our email address


Special personal data

In principle, we do not request any special personal data from you. However, you may still provide us with special data. For example, because you inform us of dietary requirements or that you are disabled. This in connection with access to our location or assistance. This information helps us to provide you with the best possible service. If possible, this data will be kept anonymous. In any case, they will be destroyed as soon as possible.

You are a guest in our Hotel

In order to book a room, we are obliged to check your identity and to register a number of personal data on the basis of Dutch legislation.
We note:

  • Your name and address details

  • Your salutation

  • Your phone number, landline and/or mobile

  • Your e-mail adress

  • Your year of birth to determine whether you are over 18 years old.

  • Your payment details (Credit card or other)

  • The number of your ID and the type of ID

  • Any dietary requirements

  • Your possible lesser validity


Sometimes you provide this information directly to us and sometimes the party through whom you have booked passes this information on to us. We only use your data for our own services and our own legal obligations. LOFT 188 does not pass on data to third parties for commercial purposes.

Your data can be passed on to the Municipality of Utrecht in connection with the levy of tourist tax.

If you book through third parties, we refer you to the privacy statements of that party if you want to know what they do with your data.

How long do we keep your data
LOFT 188 is required by Dutch law to keep your invoice data and the associated data for 7 years after your visit. After that, LOFT 188 will destroy this data, unless there is a legal necessity to keep the data for longer. For example, because you have a dispute with us.

How do we secure your data
LOFT 188 uses secure third party servers. For all cases of data storage, we ensure that we and the parties we work with meet the requirements of technical and organizational security set by privacy legislation in the Netherlands. 


We try to keep our privacy statement up to date. It is therefore possible that the statement changes. You can read our last updated version of 17 June 2021 here. If you believe that something is missing or wrong in our privacy statement, we would appreciate it if you let us know via the email address


If you have complaints about how we handle your privacy and you think that we are not helping you properly, you have the right to submit a complaint. You can submit this complaint to the Dutch supervisory authority for privacy matters: the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can read how to submit a complaint at

Of course we hope that the latter is not necessary. And we hope that during your stay at LOFT 188 you have felt as safe as the thousands of visitors who have enjoyed hospitality at this historic location over the centuries.

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